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Solar projects and farm animals prove to be ‘perfect fit’

Solar projects and farm animals prove to be ‘perfect fit’

Thomas J. Prohaska of The Buffalo News writes on how solar projects and farm animals are proving to be a perfect fit.

The C3 Take
  • Opponents to solar power often argue that solar’s land footprint takes away from essential agricultural space.
  • Farmers in Western New York and around the country are beginning to tend their sheep, goats, and chickens in and around solar panel fields in a process known as “solar grazing.”
  • The innovative nature of our farmers shows that it is possible to embrace clean energy and agriculture.

“‘It’s fast becoming an industry-preferred method of vegetation control on solar sites, but still, less than 1% of the ground-mounted solar in our country is being maintained that way,’ said Caleb Scott, owner of Ithaca-based United Agrivoltaics, a company that supplies sheep to solar developers.”

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