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Socialism Is Bad for the Environment

John Stossel of Reason writes about the many ways in which socialism is bad for the environment.

The C3 Take
  • Tom Palmer from the Atlas Network has witnessed socialism first hand in countries like the Soviet Union and China. He says socialism is the worst way to address climate change and ensure a clean environment. 
  • The central planners in China noticed sparrows eating grain crops and encouraged the masses to kill them. As a result, so many sparrows died that insects multiplied and killed more grain crops than the sparrows. 
  • Private property rights protections and free markets are critical to  protecting the environment because free economies are twice as clean as unfree economies. 

“Capitalism also protects the environment because it creates wealth. When people aren’t worried about starving or freezing, they get interested in protecting nature. That’s why capitalist countries have cleaner air.”

Read the full article here.

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