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Small Nuclear Reactors Would Provide Carbon-Free Energy, but Would They Be Safe?

As Jonathan Moens of InsideClimate News writes, Idaho regulators have approved plans for 12 small-scale nuclear plants to be built. 

The C3 Take
  • NuScale, a Portland-based company has plans to transition old coal plants into smaller nuclear plants to produce energy with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • NuScale’s advanced modular reactors are safe and shut off automatically in the case of an emergency.
  • NuScale’s goal is to have its first modular reactor up and running by 2029, with 11 more to follow in 2030.

“Despite the slow progress and controversy, Buongiorno said he thinks there are important reasons why small modular reactors are a promising new technology. For one thing, each modular reactor can be switched on and off flexibly, meaning that the reactors can be paired as an energy source with the intermittent power generation of renewables like solar and wind, he said.”

Read the full article here.

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