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Scientists say they can use AI to solve a key problem in the quest for near-limitless clean energy

Angela Dewan writes in CNN about how AI is improving fusion energy.

The C3 Take
  • Nuclear fusion offers the promise of limitless clean energy, but the technology faces challenges to market viability.
  • AI has been used to address one of the largest problems with fusion, which is plasma escaping the magnet in the reactor and halting a reaction.
  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory carried out a series of experiments which used AI to predict when this plasma escape would occur  and adjust accordingly.

“Fusion energy is the process that powers the sun and other stars, and experts have been trying for decades to master it on Earth. It is achieved when two atoms that usually repel are forced to fuse together. It’s the opposite of nuclear fission — the type widely used today — which relies on splitting atoms.”

Red the full article here.

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