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Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks Tapped to Lead Conservative Climate Caucus

Led by Rep. John Curtis (R-UT), the Conservative Climate Caucus has shaped the conversation about climate change among conservatives over the past three years. The caucus is already one of the largest on Capitol Hill, with more than one-third of the Republican congressional conference in membership.

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With Curtis departing to run for Senate, Vice-Chair, Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) will step into the leadership role.

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Since being elected in 2020, Miller-Meeks has advanced pragmatic climate solutions while serving on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Rep. Miller-Meeks has championed bills to advance research for biochar, a charcoal-like-substance that is created by burning agricultural waste or organic matter with a process that does not release any CO2 emissions, accelerate permitting for transmission projects, and promote domestic manufacturing of key infrastructure. 

In 2022 Rep. Miller-Meeks joined Right Voices to discuss why she is a leader in the Conservative Climate Caucus. 

“I have children and I’m hoping to have grandchildren soon and I also have nieces and nephews and for them, this topic is a very important topic. As a scientist, as a physician, I was certainly interested in climate and conservation.” 

She continued: 

“We all want to leave a healthier, cleaner planet for our children and our grandchildren, let’s start with that. We all want to leave a cleaner, healthier planet. The real question is how do we do that in a way that doesn’t disadvantage us economically in a global economic environment.”

Congresswoman Miller-Meeks then added, “We know that the market works, we know that economic freedom and innovation go hand in hand and that when we’re talking about emissions, and talking about a cleaner, healthier planet.”

On the announcement of Rep. Miller-Meeks as the new chair, Rep. John Curtis said, “I could not be more excited handing the keys to one of the most effective and ambitious members of the Republican Conference to keep our Caucus moving forward.” 

Conservatives interested in issues of energy and the environment should share Rep. Curtis’ sentiment and look forward to a new era of the caucus’ leadership.

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