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Rep. Debbie Lesko is on a Mission to Protect Consumer Choice, Reduce Energy Costs

With summer fast approaching, consumers can expect energy prices to rise in the coming months as demand for gas to fuel summer vacations grows and air conditioning use increases. Policymakers in Washington are working hard to lower burdens for consumers, introducing commonsense reforms to reduce energy costs. One such legislator is Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (R-AZ). 

First elected to Congress in 2018, Lesko currently serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and is a member of the Conservative Climate Caucus, Western Caucus, House Freedom Caucus, and Republican Study Committee. Lesko recently joined John Hart on Right Voices to discuss solutions to reduce energy costs and drive environmental progress.

While Lesko’s caucus membership is certainly extensive—she is a member of 40 caucuses—the Congresswoman is especially proud of her involvement in the Conservative Climate Caucus.

“People are appreciative that I care about energy issues because energy is so vital to every aspect of our lives, I mean we need it for our modern economy,” Lesko said. She then added, “One of the reasons that I’m involved in the Conservative Climate Caucus is because it’s important that people realize that Republicans care about the environment, but we also care about providing reliable, affordable energy because that’s vital to everything we do in our households and in our economy.” 

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Despite the fact that she is serving only her third term in Congress, Lesko has already had a sizeable impact in shaping the GOP’s energy strategy. Her resolution disapproving the cancellation of the Keystone XL, for instance, made it into the final version of the House-passed Lower Energy Costs Act

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Lesko has also been pushing back on regulatory overreach with gas stoves. Earlier this year federal regulators floated the idea of instituting a federal ban on gas stoves and the Department of Energy recently released a proposed rule that would block 50% of current gas stove models. Congresswoman Lesko has been leading the charge to protect consumer choice for kitchen appliances with the introduction of the Save Our Gas Stoves Act, which would prohibit the Secretary of Energy from implementing the previously mentioned rule. With actions being proposed to further regulate dishwashers and washing machines, Representative Lesko quipped that she may soon introduce a “Save our Kitchens Act.”

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In addition to focusing on ways to expand energy progress in the U.S., Lesko has also encouraged her conservative colleagues to focus on global solutions to energy and the environment. While she ended up not being able to go, the Congresswoman was one of the leading advocates for Republican involvement at last year’s U.N. climate conference–COP28.

Lesko said, “It’s important for Republicans to engage. It’s important for us to be there, that our voice is heard. And I think people were pleasantly–sometimes–surprised that Republicans were engaged because we care. We care about the climate, we care about the environment, but we also care about helping people and making sure that we have affordable and reliable energy in the United States.”

With summer around the corner, consumers are in need of affordable and reliable energy. Leaders such as Rep. Debbie Lasko are finding ways to reduce regulatory hurdles and drive energy and economic progress in the United States and abroad. 

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