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Renewable Natural Gas Set For Disruptive Growth

Renewable Natural Gas Set For Disruptive Growth

David Blackmon of Forbes reports on the growth potential of renewable natural gas.

The C3 Take
  • Vanguard Renewables is investing in renewable natural gas (RNG).
  • RNG is created by converting manure and food waste on farms into natural gas and turning the remaining materials into organic fertilizer.
  • Vanguard’s investment is creating an energy source that is reliable, clean, and domestic– a win for the environment and American consumers.

“Imagine if you will a renewable source of energy without constraints of time of day or weather. A renewable source of energy whose surface of potential is just now being scratched. Perhaps most importantly in today’s political environment, a source of renewable energy that does not rely on supply chains dominated by adversarial nations as the source of its feedstock, but America’s family farms instead.”

Read the full article here.

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