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Peter Meijer: “There’s an Imperative to be Tackling Climate Change”

Midterm primaries are underway across the country. Congressional incumbents and their challengers are vocally provide potential solutions to the economic and social challenges that our nation faces.

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One especially important race that could be a bellwether for the future of the conservative movement, as well as conservative climate and energy solutions, is the race for Michigan’s 3rd congressional district, which is currently being represented by Rep. Peter Meijer.

Meijer joined John Hart today on the Right Voices interview series.

During his first term, Meijer made waves by being one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump. Talking about his decision and how he intends to move forward, Meijer said: 

“Where we should be focusing is not reverting back to the pre-2016 status quo, not thinking that 2017 to 2021 is set in amber and that is the golden age that we should always be worshiping, but frankly saying how can we take the best of both worlds. How can we be reflective and responsive to the American people and have policies that actually work rather than a bunch of slogans and catchphrases.” 

He continued: 

“That’s going to require a bit more nuance, it’s going to require what I think could be very productive and lively conversations, but it has to get past the knee-jerk demonization.”

Congressman Meijer is emphatic on the need to bring nuanced and sustainable solutions to the table for all issues, including energy and climate change. Thus far, the Congressman says that he has been “deeply and incredibly frustrat[ed]” by the Biden Administration’s energy policies.

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Even as he issues calls to increase renewable energy use, President Biden has made it more expensive for consumers by extending tariffs on solar imports. The administration has also hampered domestic oil drilling while calling on OPEC to do more to meet key energy needs. As a proponent of climate solutions, that perplexes Congressman Meijer. 

“If our goal is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, then why the heck are we going to the countries with some of the largest methane emissions per barrel of oil instead of investing in American producers? We are outsourcing the profits, we’re outsourcing the jobs, and we are having a [worse] global impact when it comes to climate and global warming.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also brought to light the consequences of a national energy strategy that increases barriers for all domestic energy producers. 

“I don’t know if [Ukraine] changed the equation too much,” said Meijer, “but it was a very early shock that reflects how important it is to be pragmatic and realistic with what you’re trying to do.”

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On offering pragmatic climate and energy solutions, Meijer listed energy efficiency, nuclear power, and American natural gas. Meijer is also a member of the Conservative Climate Caucus, now comprising nearly one-third of the GOP members in the House.

Meijer says the Republican party’s history is a key reason he joined the caucus. 

“Not only embracing conservatism and the Republican party’s long history of conservation and environmental protection, but extending that forward is frankly where the country is. I think that it is a political imperative and a moral imperative as well.” 

As the country continues to feel the double hit of inflation and high energy prices, constitutional conservatives such as Congressman Peter Meijer are offering durable solutions that would lower prices and advance economic growth and environmental objectives. It’s up to voters to listen and act. 

Listen to the full discussion here

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