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Pacific Northwest is a hub for fusion companies chasing power’s ‘holy grail’

Lisa Stiffler of Geek Wire reports on fusion companies in the Pacific Northwest.

The C3 Take
  • Fusion, which generates energy by replicating the process that powers stars, has the potential to create limitless clean energy.
  • Innovators in the Pacific Northwest including Helion Energy, Zap Energy, CTFusion, and Avalanche Energy are all making impressive strides toward developing fusion power.
  • Helion has received $572 million in venture funding and is currently working on its seventh fusion device prototype which it hopes will generate net electricity in 2024.

“To create fusion, one must first generate a plasma — a superheated gas and the most energetic of the four states of matter — where two nuclei smash into each other, forming a new atom and releasing energy. Plasmas are created in a wide variety of devices that can reach temperatures hotter than the sun and must contain the reactions for a sufficient amount of time. The energy given off by the reactions is captured and converted into electricity.”

Read the full article here.

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