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Nuclear power is key to the future of green energy in South Texas

Nuclear power is key to the future of green energy in South Texas

Mike Chapline writes in The San Antonio Report about the merits of nuclear energy.

The C3 Take
  • Nuclear energy is our largest, safest, and most reliable source of carbon-free power in the United States.
  • Nuclear power faces vast amounts of regulatory hurdles, which drive up costs and hinder innovation.
  • Nuclear energy is essential to providing affordable, carbon-free energy in South Texas and the rest of the country.

“Nuclear power is our best choice, yet it’s disappointing that there is so little discussion of its future in South Texas. To bring nuclear back into the mainstream will require bold leadership, especially from the private sector. Responsible journalism, with accurate reporting based on facts, can help considerably. We should be having an active dialogue on the future of nuclear power as a source of baseline power generation in San Antonio and Texas. To ignore nuclear power is a loss for our long-term energy planning.”

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