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Nuclear Power? Have No Fear—Our Clean Energy Future Is Radioactive.

Jack Holmes of Esquire writes on the need to expand nuclear power.

The C3 Take
  • As more governments and businesses feel the pressure to reduce emissions, they should look to nuclear energy.
  • Nuclear power is safe, reliable, and our largest source of carbon-free energy.
  • Its waste is also very manageable and can be safely stored for years.
  • To accelerate a cleaner energy future, the U.S. must modernize regulations to grow our fleet of traditional and advanced nuclear power.

“There’s no low-carbon transition where power stays reliable and affordable without nuclear. Once they’re built, these plants are cheap: the fuel is cheaper than gas and coal, you’ve got some maintenance (which, by the way, you’ve also got on wind and solar), and a plant can operate for 80 years. And again, it’s all based on mature technology that’s already powering our homes and businesses. The possibilities for fusion—the process of combining atoms to create energy that saw a breakthrough in December—are a whole ‘nother conversation.”

Read the full article here.

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