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Nuclear-Fusion Startup Lands $1.8 Billion as Investors Chase Star Power

Nuclear-Fusion Startup Lands $1.8 Billion as Investors Chase Star Power

Jennifer Hiller of The Wall Street Journal reports on a nuclear fusion startup.

The C3 Take
  • Commonwealth Fusion Systems, an MIT startup specializing in nuclear fusion, has raised more than $1.8 billion in funding.
  • Nuclear fusion is often dubbed the “energy technology of the future” and could be key to a clean energy future.
  • Commonwealth Fusion Systems recently reached an impressive milestone in nuclear fusion.
  • Private sector innovation is creating clean energy technologies.

“Nuclear fusion has long been the holy grail of the energy world. Fusion is the process of generating energy by melding atoms. Current nuclear power plants create energy through nuclear fission, or splitting atoms. Fusion has the potential to create nearly limitless energy using common elements such as hydrogen, and has the added benefit of generating little to no long-lived nuclear waste.”

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