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New Data Reveals Hidden Flood Risk Across America

New Data Reveals Hidden Flood Risk Across America

As the New York Times reports, new data reveals hidden flood risk across America.

The C3 Take

  • New data from the First Street Foundation shows that more homes have a significant flood risk than FEMA had previously estimated, the New York Times reports.
  • Homeowners deserve to know if their homes are at risk of flooding.
  • These findings expose the flaws of the National Flood Insurance Program. The program’s premiums don’t reflect the proper risk of many of its properties.
  • We need more private sector involvement, such as the First Street Foundation, to fix the problems of the NFIP.

“Across much of the United States, the flood risk is far greater than government estimates show, new calculations suggest, exposing millions of people to a hidden threat — and one that will only grow as climate change worsens.”

Read the full article here.

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