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Nancy Mace Outlines a Conservative Climate and Energy Agenda

Republicans are set to take control of the House of Representatives in 2023 and will be tasked with proposing solutions to tame historic inflation, surging energy prices, and increasing economic uncertainty. With one of the slimmest majorities in recent history, House Republicans will need pragmatic leaders who are willing to work with the other side to pass legislation to get our country on the right path. Luckily for the GOP, they already have such a leader in Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC). 

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A first-term Congresswoman representing South Carolina’s 1st congressional district, Mace has been active during the 117th Congress, holding positions on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Oversight and Reform Committee, and Veterans’ Affairs Committee. Mace was also a founding member of the Conservative Climate Caucus, which is now the second-largest caucus in the GOP conference. 

To discuss the conservative plan for energy, climate, and environmental issues in the next Congress, Rep. Mace joined John Hart on Right Voices. 

Congresswoman Mace said one thing that the GOP can learn from their bad showing in this year’s midterm election is that voters want leaders who are willing to put action ahead of politics: 

“It was not the far right or the far left that won that night. It was those that were left of center, right of center, constitutional conservatives like myself who are willing to reach across the aisle to deliver results. [Climate change] is an issue that’s important to my district, to my constituents, to my voters, but it’s also an issue where we can find some agreement if we work hard enough to get there.” 

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Mace stated that she is looking to be the “Elmers Glue” of the next Congress, helping both sides come together to find bipartisan consensus. 

Over the summer House Republicans launched the Energy, Climate, and Conservation Task Force which unveiled policies to reduce global emissions and bolster America’s energy security and economy. An essential component of the Task Force’s work was modernizing regulations like the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to allow more energy and infrastructure projects to get built. Mace emphasized the importance of the Task Force’s policies stating, “I think NEPA and permitting reform needs to be in place.”

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She then stressed the importance of investing in next-generation technologies. “Fusion technology and doubling down on our investments there [is another priority]. That is the future, that is a place where everyone understands the beauty of that technology, where it’s going, and the miracles that can happen with energy policy.”

With political tensions being at an all-time high, Congresswoman Mace called on national leaders to lower the political temperature that is coming from both sides of the aisle. 

“One of the things that both sides need to work on is not attacking the other. I’ve shown up at some of these conferences, bipartisan conferences, and been attacked by the Left. It just doesn’t push us forward. But the Right also has to be cognizant of that and not do the same thing. We need to be willing to work together and my message this Congress and the next one is that I’m willing to work with you if you’re willing to work with me. And that needs to be our message.”

With Americans facing historic inflation and uncertain economic futures, Congress will need to work hard to put people over partisanship. By following the example of members like Rep. Nancy Mace, who is pursuing market-driven solutions to our toughest energy and climate challenges, our leaders can provide energy relief to consumers and unleash American economic competitiveness. 

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