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Mountain Valley Pipeline to purchase $150 million in carbon offsets

Mountain Valley Pipeline to purchase $150 million in carbon offsets

Laurence Hammack of The Roanoke Times reports that the Mountain Valley Pipeline has purchased $150 million in carbon offsets.

The C3 Take
  • Mountain Valley’s $150 purchase of carbon offsets will cover the first 10 years of the pipeline’s operations and will make up for 90% of the pipeline’s emissions.
  • The carbon offsets will be generated by a coal company in Virginia, which will convert emitted methane into carbon dioxide and water and release it into the atmosphere.
  • Mountain Valley’s voluntary carbon offset effort shows that the private sector is ready to address climate change without harmful government mandates.

“Airborne emissions from the operation of the Mountain Valley Pipeline will be countered by the purchase of more than $150 million in carbon offsets, the company announced Monday.”

Read the full article here.

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