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Mitsubishi Eyes Great Lakes for Offshore Wind Development

Mitsubishi Eyes Great Lakes for Offshore Wind Development

Greentech Media’s Karl-Erik Stromsta writes that Mitsubishi is looking to establish offshore wind developments on the Great Lakes.

The C3 Take

The Great Lakes are a geographically unique location for offshore wind. The region does not experience the extreme weather that is seen on the East Coast, and there are major cities all along the Lakes. Additionally, electricity grids, ports, and other infrastructure from retired coal plants still exist which could be useful for these wind projects.

“But the region has unique advantages. Many coal-fired plants have retired or will soon in the Midwest, opening up opportunities to plug offshore wind farms into existing grid infrastructure. There are no hurricanes or huge waves to worry about. And the region has plenty of available port infrastructure — much of it built for the steel industry — that could be converted for offshore wind.”

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