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Li-Bridge outlines steps for U.S. to double annual lithium battery revenues to $33 billion and provide 100,000 jobs by 2030

Argonne National Laboratory reports on its plan to double annual lithium battery revenues in the United States.

The C3 Take
  • Li-Bridge is a public-private partnership with Argonne National Laboratory that aims to increase the domestic supply chain of lithium-ion.
  • Li-Bridge states that the U.S. will not be able to reach complete lithium-ion battery supply chain independence by 2030, but it estimates that the country can capture 60% of the economic value consumed by domestic demand for lithium batteries by that year, generating $33 billion in revenues and creating 100,000 jobs.
  • Companies like General Motors have begun to partner with lithium mines in Argentina to meet demand for batteries.
  • Lawmakers can ease supply chain burdens by establishing a more efficient regulatory process to open mining and battery recycling operations in the United States.

“Lithium-based batteries are also critical for achieving U.S. climate objectives. The report states that without reliable access to lithium battery technology, the U.S. has no chance of meeting its 2050 net-zero carbon emissions goal or ensuring an inclusive and socially responsible industry. With U.S. defense applications increasingly dependent on lithium-based batteries, the report warns of the national security risks in relying on batteries and battery components made abroad.”

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