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It’s Time for Conservatives to Own the Climate-Change Issue

It’s Time for Conservatives to Own the Climate-Change Issue

As Rep. Dan Crenshaw argues on National Review conservatives need to own the climate change debate.

The C3 Take

  • For too long conservatives have ceded the issue of climate change to the progressive left.
  • Instead of allowing big-government mandates, conservatives must begin to own the climate change issue.
  • We must start fighting back with policies of our own like Rep. Crenshaw’s New Energy Frontier, which allocates existing Department of Energy funds to advance carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technologies.

“Conservatives can either tackle the issue of carbon emissions sensibly by proposing workable solutions, or run the risk of allowing the Democrats to do it for us — with policies that would offer marginal environmental benefits at a devastating cost to the economy.”

Read the full article from National Review here.

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