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Interior Secretary Nominee on Collision Course With Oil Industry

Interior Secretary Nominee on Collision Course With Oil Industry

Timothy Puko of The Wall Street Journal writes that President Biden’s Interior Secretary nominee is on a collusions course with the oil and gas industry.

The C3 Take
  • Last year, New Mexico’s oil and gas industry put $2.8 billion into the state’s coffers.
  • The shale revolution has led to America becoming the largest emissions-reducing country in the world.
  • In order to address climate change and lower emissions, the Secretary of Interior should look to work with American oil and gas companies not oppose them.

“The Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico has joined with pipeline protesters, supported the Green New Deal and opposed fracking on public lands. For a cabinet post that oversees the government’s longstanding, multibillion-dollar partnership with drillers on federal lands, Ms. Haaland’s environmental politics are in contrast to those of her predecessors.”

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