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Ikea says it will eliminate plastic packaging by 2028

Ikea says it will eliminate plastic packaging by 2028

Adele Peters writes in Fast Company that Ikea will eliminate plastic packaging by 2028.

The C3 Take
  • By 2025 all new Ikea products, excluding food, will come in plastic-free packaging.
  • By 2028 the company will plastic packaging entirely as it shifts to become fully circular.
  • Private sector leadership is creating a more sustainable planet.

“The company previously explored mushroom-based packaging to replace styrofoam, for example, though for now, it’s too difficult for manufacturers to produce the scale of packaging Ikea needs. Other startups are exploring packaging materials made from waste from the food industry, from coconuts to the byproducts of beer brewing. Ikea is also beginning to use waste from its own production in some packages, such as packaging for textiles sewn from scraps of the material.”

Read the full article here.

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