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Hydrogen Should Be Focused On Cement And Steel, Not Cars

Hydrogen Should Be Focused On Cement And Steel, Not Cars

James Morris on Forbes writes that hydrogen should be focused on cement and steel, not cars.

The C3 Take
  • Hydrogen is one of the most diverse fuels that we have and can be created from a variety of energy sources such as renewables, nuclear, or natural gas.
  • While hydrogen is being pushed as an alternative fuel for cars, some experts believe that it would be better suited to power industries that rely heavily on more carbon-intensive fuel sources.
  • With robust private-sector investment in hydrogen fuel, we will begin to see clean hydrogen breakthroughs that benefit our environment.

“In an ideal world replete with surplus renewable energy, maybe hydrogen has a future because then its inefficiency is negated by its convenience. But we aren’t in that situation right now, won’t be for decades, and might never be…But if our end goal is combating climate change and global warming, the best place for hydrogen is not cars.”

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