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How to Transform Garbage Into Greener Fuels

How to Transform Garbage Into Greener Fuels

David Hodari of The Wall Street Journal reports on the private sector’s efforts to transform gas into green fuel.

The C3 Take
  • Several companies are investigating ways to turn trash into green fuels like biofuels or hydrogen.
  • The process of turning waste into fuel, known as pyrolysis, can not only produce low-carbon fuel but address waste management problems as well.
  • Innovations such as pyrolysis show the private sector’s deep commitment to tackling climate change and lowering emissions.

“The newer, cleaner process, known as waste gasification or pyrolysis, involves cutting and drying non-recyclable trash from homes and offices, such as packaging and bottles, before blasting it with 4,000-degree-Fahrenheit steam and oxygen to break it down into hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The solids left behind are sold as road materials, and the gases produced can then be synthesized—using processes developed a hundred years ago—and refined into greener fuels, including biofuels and emissions-free hydrogen.”

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