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How some restaurants are taking out single-use takeout containers

How some restaurants are taking out single-use takeout containers

Deonna Anderson of GreenBiz writes on the growing number of restaurants that are moving away from single-use takeout containers.

The C3 Take
  • Across the nation, restaurants are opting in to using reusable and recyclable takeout containers in an attempt to lower their environmental footprint.
  • One startup that is offering an alternative to single-use takeout containers is Dispatch Goods, a San Francisco-based company that provides restaurants and consumers with reusable tin containers.
  • After a customer is done with their container, Dispatch Goods will pick it up and take it back to its facility to be cleaned.
  • The innovation of entrepreneurs is creating a cleaner planet.

“Dispatch Goods also picks up containers, which can be used hundreds of times, from individuals’ home or work addresses. During the checkout process, customers are autoscheduled for the collection day in their neighborhood. Dispatch Goods groups collections by neighborhood to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with its logistics activities.”

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