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How Lego Perfected the Recycled Plastic Brick

How Lego Perfected the Recycled Plastic Brick

Jeremy White of Wired writes on how Lego perfected the recycled plastic brick.

The C3 Take
  • In 2015 Lego announced that it would invest $155 billion into a new Sustainable Materials Center to find a more eco-friendly method of manufacturing its signature blocks.
  • After some experimenting, Lego has found a new way to make its products out of recycled plastic water bottles.
  • By creating its products from recycled materials, Lego is lowering its carbon footprint and benefiting our environment.

“Over the past three years, Lego’s 150-strong Sustainable Materials team has tested more than 250 variations of PET materials. The resulting prototype, according to Tim Brooks, vice president of environmental responsibility at Lego, nails one of the toughest hurdles for a non-ABS brick: clutch power.”

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