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How Biden Might Decarbonize the U.S. Power Sector

How Biden Might Decarbonize the U.S. Power Sector

Michael Catanzaro of the Center for Strategic and International Studies highlights the many ways in which Biden can decarbonize the energy sector.

The C3 Take
  • Decarbonizing the energy sector will be a primary goal of the Biden administration, which has pledged to address climate change.
  • The least politically feasible way in which Biden could reduce emissions would be through a clean energy standard.
  • The route that would produce the most bipartisan support would be through increased spending into energy research and development.

“Short of a CES, Biden could pursue increased federal spending on R&D, an area that seems most politically promising. Over the last two years, several bipartisan bills have been introduced on advanced nuclear, hydropower, battery storage, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage.”

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