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How America wins from a pro-climate trade policy

How America wins from a pro-climate trade policy

Curt Morgan and Greg Bertelsen outline at The Hill how America, and our environment, could benefit from a pro-climate trade policy.

The C3 Take
  • A new study reveals that America’s economy is three times more carbon efficient than China’s and four times more carbon efficient than India’s.
  • With such a large carbon advantage, pricing carbon on imports from these countries could boost our economy by incentivizing American-made products.
  • This pricing would also theoretically incentivize dirtier economies to become cleaner in order to stay competitive in our economy.

“A well-designed climate policy can address this unfairness, help return important supply chains back to the U.S. and create more American jobs for the future. It can also serve to check China’s growing economic power and call out its practice of claiming climate progress while promoting carbon-intensive industrialization in emerging economies. “

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