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House GOP Outlines an Infrastructure Agenda

By Jeff Luse

As the process to pass an infrastructure package continues, House Republicans used committee hearings last week to explain their vision for infrastructure legislation. Members across the party outlined improvements to regulatory reform, water infrastructure, surface transportation, and broadband.

One of the most notable aspects to the package is regulatory reform. In the United States today, we have an antiquated and burdensome permitting and approval process for the construction of infrastructure and energy projects. This includes both clean and traditional energy projects. The most notorious example of this is the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA, while well-intentioned to protect the environment, has become a drudge for projects, delaying completion times and driving up costs. As a solution to this, House Republicans have introduced the BUILDER Act to streamline the approval process for projects that would improve our roads, deliver clean, affordable energy and protect our environment.

A second key tent to the package addresses surface infrastructure and American innovation. Specifically, Congressman Troy Balderson’s SMART Transportation Act would authorize several exciting new projects at the Department of Transportation including the Advanced Transportation Technologies program, the Automated Driving System Demonstration program, and others. These programs would bring the next generation of innovation to our roads. America’s story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurs and innovators, and this legislation would continue to tell this story.

Americans know what infrastructure is and is not. With a proposal from the current administration that only spends roughly 25% of the proposed $2 trillion on traditional infrastructure, Americans are weary of another reckless, big spending agenda from the federal government. House Republicans are answering the call with practical solutions that fix our roads, protect our environment, and increase quality of life all while spending less than a quarter of what the Biden Administration is proposing. To see all of the efforts of House Republicans click here.

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