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Give Republicans the climate credit they deserve

Give Republicans the climate credit they deserve

Former Congressman Greg Walden and Rich Powell of ClearPath write on The Hill that it is time to give Republicans the climate credit they deserve.

The C3 Take
  • As we have stated before, Republicans and conservatives being labeled as “climate deniers” is false and anti-scientific.
  • As seen in the Energy Act of 2020, conservatives and Republicans are ready to promote meaningful climate solutions.
  • By offering an “all of the above” approach to climate we are promoting real solutions that lower emissions, protect our environment, and spur economic prosperity.

“In the years since, Republicans have made tremendous strides on climate change. We have institutionalized big, bold goals anchored by clean energy breakthroughs, and even campaign on innovation as the best approach to solving the climate challenge.”

Read the full article here.

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