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For FarmWise’s Cofounders, Opportunity Was In The Weeds

For FarmWise’s Cofounders, Opportunity Was In The Weeds

Forbes Nina Wolpow writes about FarmWise, an innovative farming service that is taking over agriculture.

The C3 Take
  • FarmWise is an agricultural startup that uses artificial intelligence to remove weeds from crops.
  • FarmWise can reduce the time needed for upkeep, as well as the number of pesticides that are needed to grow crops.
  • AI is unlocking many ways to make agriculture cleaner and more efficient.

“Rented at a per-acre cost, the geo-fenced robots drive along planted rows, capturing images of crops that get uploaded and run through a model trained to classify each image. Weeds get the chop. Vegetables remain. The more time a robot spends at a given farm, the better the AI gets, and so does the weeding. To date, FarmWise’s robots have imaged about 200 million individual crops and partnered with about a dozen of the largest vegetable farms in the U.S.”

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