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For energy transition, the key word is sustainability, not politics

For energy transition, the key word is sustainability, not politics

Charles McConnell, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy, writes on The Hill that politics has no place in the energy transition discussion.

The C3 Take
  • Instead of focusing on talking points from respective political parties, we much look to the goal of reducing emissions.
  • In order to reduce emissions, we must embrace all energy sources and innovate them to be as clean and reliable as possible.

“We must stop with the extreme perspectives, the name-calling and self-serving points of view. Politics have no place in this debate. Smart policy, however, will be crucial. We need to start with agreement on a key point, already recognized by many in the energy sphere: All forms of energy must be in the discussion. It’s not about loving or hating a specific fuel, whether that’s hydrocarbons or wind and solar. It’s about reducing and eliminating emissions. Keeping our eye on the ball is the first order of any thoughtful strategy.”

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