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Food producers turn to greener fertilisers to reduce carbon footprints

Susannah Savage of The Financial Times reports on food companies’ efforts to reduce their carbon footprints.

The C3 Take
  • Companies in EU will be forced to disclose the emissions from all of their supply chains next year, which is leading many of them to invest in green fertilizers.
  • Heineken for instance, has partnered with FertigHy, a fertilizer startup that makes ammonia using hydrogen from water electrolysis based on renewable electricity.
  • Meanwhile CCm, which is working with Nestle and Cargill, mixes CO₂ captured from industrial activities with organic materials, including sludge from sewage plants and byproducts from food factories, to make crop nutrients.
  • While these investments are encouraging, forced disclosures of emissions are not.

“Tesco, the UK’s largest food retailer, is also working with low-carbon fertiliser manufacturers, including several start-ups such as CCm. The retailer recently said that after initial field trials produced vegetables including lettuces, carrots and potatoes with a 50 per cent reduction in emissions levels, from 2024 it would increase the trial area tenfold to 13,000 hectares.”

Read the full article here.

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