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First electric cars. Next, electric factories?

The Economist writes about the innovations to create clean industry.

The C3 Take
  • Industry is working to square its heavy carbon footprint with its sustainability goals, which has led to entrepreneurs to launch innovative startups.
  • One such company is AtmosZero, which creates industrial sized steam pumps that are already being used to decarbonize beer-making at New Belgium Brewing.
  • Cement and steel making have also garnered attention with firms creating solutions to make these important products with electricity and recycled CO2.

“For temperatures of up to 200°C, the technology attracting most attention is not the electric kettle but the industrial heat pump. Heat pumps, like refrigerators, move heat from one place to another. In a fridge the heat is removed from the inside (keeping the contents cooler) and dumped outside (making the kitchen a little warmer). Heat pumps, which are becoming increasingly common for domestic heating, take heat from outside and move it inside. Because the amount of energy needed to move heat this way is lower than the amount needed to heat things up directly, this can lead to big energy savings. And as the technology improves and sales increase, prices are falling.”

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