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EVs Are the Lowest Climate Priority

EVs Are the Lowest Climate Priority

Holman W. Jenkins argues on The Wall Street Journal that electric vehicles should be the lowest climate priority.

The C3 Take
  • While the transportation sector accounts for a significant percentage of our domestic emissions, light vehicles do not—with many racking up less than 12,000 miles annually.
  • Studies from the International Energy Agency and Exxon have both found that increased electric vehicle productions would do little to alter liquid-fuel demand.
  • While EVs will be important to transportation for our future, we can focus on other ways to lower emissions like energy innovation and exportation.

“EVs are wonderful for many reasons but not for the reasons that climate-sanctimonious politicians promote. I won’t repeat an earlier column on climate policies that might actually be worth pursuing. Notice that the one innovation that greens opposed, fracking, has done more to reduce emissions than all government efforts combined.”

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