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Drought is stressing California’s power grid

Drought is stressing California’s power grid

Justine Calma of The Verge writes on how drought is stressing California’s power grid.

The C3 Take
  • The drought in California is drying up water reservoirs which is significantly impacting hydroelectric production.
  • In 2019, hydropower accounted for 17% of California’s energy production.
  • While  climate change is making droughts longer and drier, government policies are making things worse not better.
  • The droughts in California highlight the importance of a diverse energy mix that includes renewables, as well as natural gas and nuclear energy.

“Rolling blackouts have already become a new norm for the state as utilities shut down power lines in an attempt to avoid sparking fires during hot, dry weather. But summertime outages also occur when residents crank up their air conditioners to beat the heat and demand outpaces the available power supply.”

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