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Don’t Pit Money and the Planet Against Each Other

Don’t Pit Money and the Planet Against Each Other

Chris Barnard writes in HumanProgress that we must not pit money and the planet against each other.

The C3 Take
  • Many progressive politicians and activists claim that in order to address climate change, we must first destroy our system of capitalism and free markets.
  • Capitalism stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship which creates the technologies that we need to lower emissions.
  • To meaningfully address climate change we must pursue solutions that are rooted in free markets and economic freedom, not economic de-growth.

“Ultimately, the reality is that we want to tackle climate change because it greatly affects human life. More severe storms, flooding, droughts, and warmer temperatures are already affecting our food supply, health, and economies. Yet, the solution can’t be worse than the disease. Climate policy must be measured by cost-benefit analyses, not extremist predictions or utopian, anti-capitalist rhetoric.”

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