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Don’t Look Up Doesn’t Get the Climate Crisis

Eric Levitz writes in New York Magazine that Don’t Look Up doesn’t understand the issue of climate change.

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The C3 Take
  • Netflix’s satire Don’t Look Up oversimplifies the incredibly complex issue of climate change.
  • The movie supports the environmental left’s unscientific narrative that humanity is doomed because of climate change and capitalism and free markets are to blame.
  • Economic freedom and prosperity increase human well being while creating a healthier environment.
  • Climate change is a challenging issue that requires nuance and humility to solve. Rather than politicizing the challenge that it presents, we should look to address global climate change with common sense solutions.

“Climate change isn’t much like a planet-killing comet. And the pathologies of for-profit media and campaign finance aren’t the primary obstacles to rapid decarbonization. McKay’s film skewers social media for privileging ideologically flattering, identity-affirming narratives over honest reckonings with inconvenient truths. Yet Don’t Look Up is itself a transparent product of its authors’ immersion in social-media echo chambers. It is a cinematic elaboration of liberal Twitter’s most ideologically flattering, identity-affirming narratives about climate change.”

Read the full article here.

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