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Deep Geothermal Can Solve the Need for Baseload Power

Igor Kocis writes in Power about the benefits of deep geothermal.

The C3 Take
  • Advanced drilling technologies are now able to tap into much deeper depths of the Earth’s internal heat compared to conventional shallow geothermal, unlocking vastly more of the planet’s thermal energy potential to provide cost-effective, continuous baseload power.
  • Deep geothermal overcomes limitations of other renewables like intermittency and can integrate with existing fossil fuel infrastructure, providing a secure, resilient energy source resilient to supply chain disruptions.
  • There is growing momentum with private investment, legislative support, and recognition of deep geothermal’s potential to meet large-scale baseload power needs, create jobs, and expand clean energy generation – especially in developing economies currently reliant on fossil fuels.

“Deep geothermal is safe and secure, making it the solution for clean baseload power. Legislative support, exemplified by recent rare bipartisan legislation for geothermal energy and investment, is a strong barometer for the future of this limitless green energy that has the operations and technological prowess to deliver. Watch for 2024 to be the year geothermal moves past promise and into a leading role for global power.”

Read the full article here.

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