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Data Confirms: Building a Cleaner Grid Is Going to Be Harder Than Expected

Todd Snitchler writes in RealClearEnergy about the challenges in building a cleaner U.S. power grid.

The C3 Take
  • The Biden administration has introduced stringent regulations with an aim to transition the U.S. grid away from fossil fuels.
  • At the same time, local and state governments are passing laws to make it more difficult to build renewable and grid storage projects, which is leading some to predict that the U.S. will have an energy shortfall in the coming decades (unless policies are changed).
  • A more rational energy strategy that unleashes production all power sources will be needed to shore up the U.S. grid in the future while keeping energy affordable and clean.

“A more rational, less political approach would acknowledge the need to keep natural gas plants online for longer, while working to reduce opposition and state and local level barriers to new energy investments.”

Read the full article here.

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