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Cooling homes without warming the planet

Cooling homes without warming the planet

Zach Winn of MIT News writes about Transaera, a startup that is making cleaner and more energy-efficient air conditioners.

The C3 Take
  • Transaera is looking to curb the energy and cooling demands of the developing world through its innovative air conditioners.
  • Transaera’s design relies upon metal organic frameworks (MFOs) that pull moisture from the air as the machine works, resulting in cleaner and more efficient air conditioning.
  • Private sector innovation and technology are providing ways to cool our homes without heating our planet.

“’It’s clear when you look at the swath of the world that’s in the hot, humid tropics, there’s a growing middle class, and one of the first thing they’ll want to buy is an air conditioner,’ Dorson says. ‘Developing more efficient air conditioning systems is critical for the health of people and of our planet’s environment.’”

Read the full article here.

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