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Colorado Oil & Gas Taunts The North Face At Mock Award Ceremony

Shaun Boyd of CBS4 Denver reports that The North Face has been awarded the first ever (ironic) “Extraordinary Customer Award” by Colorado’s oil and gas industry.

The C3 Take
  • The North Face rejected an order for 400 jackets to a Texas-based oil and gas company because “it reportedly didn’t want to be associated with an industry that doesn’t meet its brand standards.”
  • Ironically The North Face’s clothing is comprised primarily of nylon, polyester, and polyurethane, all of which are petroleum-based products.
  • The North Face’s actions highlight the fact putting an end to oil and gas in the name of being “green” would put an end to many of the brands that environmentalists tout as eco-friendly.
  • The oil and gas industries impact many sectors of our economy and daily life; instead of getting rid of these industries, we should embrace them through an “all of the above” energy approach.

“’I think too often we think of oil and natural gas as just as fuels — something to put in our cars or heat or cool our homes,’ said Haley. ‘And, as we’ve seen in recent weeks across the country that is hugely important part of what our industry – supplying affordable and efficient clean-burning natural gas to heat our homes and help power our grid – but we often forget just how many other things we have and enjoy in the 21st Century that are made possible because of oil and natural gas.'”

Read the full article here.

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