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Climatists for Nukes

Climatists for Nukes

National Review’s Robert Zubrin reviews the book The Dark Horse: Nuclear Power and Climate Change, by Rauli Partanen and Janne Korhonen.

The C3 Take
  • In their book, Partanen and Korhonen outline the many environmental benefits of nuclear energy and expose the ill-intentions of some environmentalists who are against it.
  • Nuclear is safe, reliable, and our largest source of carbon-free power.
  • In order to meaningfully reduce emissions, we must embrace nuclear energy.

“[The authors] show that the greens’ argument that nuclear power is uncompetitive is hypocritical nonsense, as it has only become uncompetitive in places where regulatory sabotage has made it so. Such is certainly the case in the United States, where the amount of materials, time, and money it takes to build a nuclear reactor has tripled, quadrupled, and quintupled, respectively, since the 1970s as a result of constant ratcheting and capricious changing of regulations by the green-infested Nuclear Regulatory Commission.”

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