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Climate ‘apocalypse’ fears stopping people having children – study

Climate ‘apocalypse’ fears stopping people having children – study

Damian Carrington of The Guardian reports that climate apocalypse fears are stopping people from having children.

The C3 Take

While climate change is real and should be addressed, it is not the end of the world. The science of climate change does not point to a climate apocalypse and messengers of climate doom are purposely misleading the public to promote an agenda. Instead of fearing for our lives, we should take comfort in the incredible progress that we have made in reducing emissions and adapting to a changing climate.

“The researchers found that 6% of parents confessed to feeling some remorse about having children. A 40-year-old mother said: ‘I regret having my kids because I am terrified that they will be facing the end of the world due to climate change.’”

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