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China Needs to Kick its Coal Habit at Home, Too

China Needs to Kick its Coal Habit at Home, Too

Jacky Wong of The Wall Street Journal writes that China needs to kick its coal habit at home, too.

The C3 Take
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping has recently announced that China will stop financing international coal power plant projects.
  • China, who built three-quarters of new coal plants last year, has not made plans to retire its domestic fleet of coal-fired power plants.
  • While China’s commitment to stop financing global coal consumption is important, the United States must still remain tough on China for its unwillingness to stop building coal-fired power plants within its borders.
  • Allowing China to continue polluting will increase emissions make addressing global climate change harder to accomplish.

“It is much more important for China—the world’s biggest consumer and producer of coal—to make a similar commitment at home. China added around three-quarters of the world’s new coal plants last year, according to Global Energy Monitor. Coal-power capacity outside China has been declining since 2018, as the U.S. and Europe had retired their plants.”

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