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Capitalism Vs. Climate Change: Moleaer’s Innovative Nanobubbles

Capitalism Vs. Climate Change: Moleaer’s Innovative Nanobubbles

Erik Kobayashi-Solomon of Forbes reports on Moleaer, a California-based company that is finding innovative solutions to improving water quality in agriculture.

The C3 Take
  • Moleaer is tackling climate change by advancing nanobubble technology in agriculture.
  • Nanonbubbles are microscopic oxygen bubbles that when injected into watering systems can dramatically improve soil quality, plant health, and decrease water-borne pathogens like E. coli.
  • Moleaer’s leadership and innovation show that the private sector is ready to find solutions to climate change.

“Innovations arise when smart people look at problems from whole new perspectives and explore paths less traveled. California-based Moleaer is the picture of an innovative company, with enormous potential to prompt a paradigm shift in the agricultural world away from chemical treatments and toward a more sustainable, effective, and non-toxic way of doing things.”

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