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“C3 Action” Enters Climate and Energy Debate

Good news rarely makes news in politics. But for anyone who cares about our natural, economic and political climate, there is a real reason to celebrate what’s happening on the right. As I recently discussed on Right Voices with Rep. John Curtis (R-UT), the founder of the House Conservative Climate Caucus, the GOP’s decision to focus on solutions in the climate and energy space – when it would be very easy and politically rewarding to beat the tar out of the Green New Deal, gas prices, inflation and failing Biden agenda – is a gamechanger. In an age of political dysfunction, the highly functional work of members putting together ideas and policies shouldn’t be taken for granted. Making sure that work is recognized and reinforced requires an extra measure of effort for anyone who is serious about solutions. 

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To that end, we decided to launch a sister organization, a 501(c)(4) called “C3 Action” to advocate for climate and energy solutions, many of which are highlighted in our Climate and Freedom Agenda.  

Drew Bond, the President and co-founder of C3 Solutions, said, “We’ve seen a very promising shift in Congress toward a robust climate agenda rooted in the principles of economic freedom – free enterprise, limited government, and lower taxation. C3 Action will be uniquely equipped to build on that momentum by supporting serious and practical climate and energy policies that advance economic freedom.”

The economy or the climate? Why not both?

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C3 Action recognizes that the clearest and most consequential divide in American and Western politics isn’t between parties, or even ideologies as we’ve known them, but between authoritarianism and freedom. Vexing challenges like climate change will never be solved by top-down dictates. The only viable long-term solution is bottom-up innovation. The science is clear. Free economies are clean economies. Embracing economic freedom, and the principles of liberty enshrined in our constitution is a prerequisite for effective climate and energy policy at home and abroad. 

That perspective needs popular support to prevail and be translated into policy and legislation. There is good reason to believe the tide is turning. For decades, the climate and energy debate has been hampered by a one-sided and unserious approach. One side has assumed that virtue signaling, targets and pledges could compensate for ineffective and imperious policy. That approach is failing, and fortunately, that policy monopoly is coming to end. In the real world, top-down, command and control authoritarianism doesn’t work and deserves no quarter regardless of its party of origin. 

C3 Action will be committed to making sure there is sustained momentum for solutions. You can follow our work here

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of C3.

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