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Burger King testing reusable food packaging in zero-waste effort

Burger King testing reusable food packaging in zero-waste effort

Kaelan Deese of The Hill reports that Burger King will begin testing reusable food packaging in an effort to lessen their waste.

The C3 Take
  • Burger King will be partnering with zero-waste delivery platform, Loop, to offer reusable packaging that can be returned to any restaurant to be cleaned.
  • BK will begin testing out the packaging in New York, Portland, and London.
  • This commitment comes after a recent announcement that Burger King will remove artificial preservatives from its Whopper burgers.

“‘As part of our Restaurant Brands for Good plan, we’re investing in the development of sustainable packaging solutions that will help push the food service industry forward in reducing packaging waste,’ said Matthew Banton, head of innovation and sustainability at Burger King Global.”

Read the full article here.

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