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Biden’s Solar Panel Tariffs Make It Costlier To Meet Biden’s Climate Goals

Eric Boehm of Reason writes on Biden’s solar tariffs.

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The C3 Take
  • President Biden has recently extended, yet modified, Trump-era solar tariffs.
  • While the modifications excluded bifacial solar panels, the most widely-used for utility projects, these tariffs will ultimately make solar energy more expensive.
  • Artificially inflated prices from solar tariffs have cost consumers $1.3 billion in higher costs.
  • If the Biden administration is serious in its need to accelerate clean energy deployment, they should look to reduce barriers to implementing and deploying solar energy such as tariffs.

“The administration wants to force consumers to pay higher prices to please domestic solar companies (which petitioned the White House to extend the tarrifs), then use tax dollars to offset the artificially higher prices with tax credits for consumers. All while patting themselves on the back for encouraging the expansion of green energy, no doubt.”

Read the full article here.

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