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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: Where the Money Is Going

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: Where the Money Is Going

Andrew Duehren of The Wall Street Journal explains where the money is going in President Biden’s infrastructure plan.

The C3 Take
  • Investing in our infrastructure is an important priority that should be approached through bipartisanship.
  • The current administration’s obsession with spending will result in increased taxation, a less productive economy in the future, and minimal emissions reductions.
  • By making smart and sensible investments and recycling government waste, we can meaningfully improve our nation’s infrastructure without raising taxes or burdening our budget.

“Many of the investments come with the stipulation that the workers on projects in the plan earn a high wage and receive labor protections. The White House also included in the plan legislation that would establish penalties on employers who violate the National Labor Relations Act and make it easier for gig workers to form unions.”

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