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Biden’s Green Agenda Meets Environmental Red Tape

Biden’s Green Agenda Meets Environmental Red Tape

Shawn Regan of Reason writes that Biden’s green agenda is beginning to meet environmental red tape.

The C3 Take
  • The deployment of President Biden’s green agenda will be significantly delayed due to burdensome environmental red tape.
  • One example of this is seen in Nevada where the construction of a lithium mine that could provide the materials for up to 400,000 electric vehicles is being delayed by regulations.
  • Instead of spending more money, we should be spending our money more effectively. This starts with making environmental regulations more efficient.

“To deliver on its green pledges, the Biden administration will have to do something its environmental supporters are often reluctant to do: Cut the red tape that delays or derails the very development projects needed to build a clean-energy future. It will also have to make tough environmental tradeoffs that sometimes come along with such projects.”

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