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Beer Byproduct Can Filter Lead From Drinking Water

Jeff Kart of Forbes reports about a new lead filtration system.

The C3 Take
  • MIT scientists are using yeast, a byproduct from beer making, to filter out high concentrations of lead from drinking water with a process called biosorption.
  • Biosorption, a scientific solution that has been known for decades, uses biological material to filter out heavy metals from water.
  • Initial trials at MIT show that using yeast in biosorption works well in removing lead, but a system would have to be made to test it out on a larger level.

“’Overall, this work showcases the use of an effective trace heavy metal removal biomaterial, made from an environmentally friendly, inexpensive, benign to human health, and easy-to-mass-produce microorganism,’ the journal article states.”

Read the full article here.

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